Since 1972, Dixie Tool Company has served many industries by fulfilling their tooling needs, both by providing high quality
equipment in a timely manner, and by serving as a knowledge resource for clients with specific demands or inquiries.

Originally founded in Austin, Dixie Tool worked hand in hand with industrial companies in central parts of Texas. In 1989, the current Vice President of Dixie Tool opened a new office in Brownsville in order to serve developing industries in South Texas and Mexico. Though we come from humble beginnings, we have since taken on many massive projects, while going above and beyond for all of our clients, whether they are small or large, old or new.

To this end, our website, Cutting Edge Cutting Tools, was created in 2018 to provide high quality carbide cutting tools at an excellent price, with fast shipping to all states within the contiguous United States. Featuring high quality brands like Harvey Tool, Micro 100, Titan USA, and Helical, you are sure to find the proper cutting tool for any project you or your company may be working on.

So, what's next for our Cutting Edge Cutting Tools website? In addition to the current industries we serve, we are expanding into the dental industry, through products like our Engis diamond paste, that removes scratches from 3D scanners used by dentists.